• I know, that in the chain of dependence always the

    weakest link. My ambition is Montano never failed you

  • Montano did not stemmed from the need to earn money, only with passion for the mountains. This incarnation of my dream about to create the equipment for climbing and without exaggeration I can say ­ I love. When I created my first products I did not expect that they will be so well received. It gave me faith and power, to develop an assortment and perfect it by myself, but first of all to your ­ my clients ­ satisfaction. Today help me the best climbers testing the company`s products. Together we are trying to create products, which you will be satisfied, that just prove themselves in action, in heavy, mountain conditions.


    Tadek Grzegorzewski



    climber / tailor / owner

  • Lightweight Mountain Weapon

    maximum comfort with minimal weight

    From the beginning of the operation key value of the brand is quality, functionlity and good price. I am a master tailor and I know how important is the implementation of details. This is because we use ­ despite the high costs ­ only checked ­ high quality materials ­ and the half products. In Montano is not a cheap compromise ­. Starting from the thread, sliders and finishing on materials ­ everything is selected from the top shelf.






  • W cooperate and we help each other 

    in an environment of mountain people:​



    The power to the development of Montano is an active participation in all activiities related to mountains, because people and their needs create new solutions. We are attentive, we listen and share knowledge and experience in order to create betterbetter, lighter and comfortable clothing.


    We work day by day with our Partners:


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